Terror enters Mosque of Egypt

Sharing the Washington Post article and my comments with friends dated 24 November 2017.


With shrinking caliphate/concentrated locations of militants by some hard actions, it is expected that sporadic militant attacks and lone wolf attacks at unexpected locations killing innocent people will rise. This episode adequately described in the article, claiming more than two hundred innocent lives, along with many earlier incidents proves that terrorism has no religion, and terrorist is a monster ready to bite anyone. Those counting them as strategic assets need to be condemned by all. All countries have to synergise their efforts, rising above their individual national interests to safeguard the humanity and stop double gaming where it suits them, if we want safe world. This is the call of the day, which cannot be ignored further. 
China’s embrace to JeM Chief, US Congress going soft on LeT by dropping action against them as a precondition for Pakistan to receive millions of dollars and also demanding his re-arrest are some examples of such contradictions in intent of fighting “Global war against Terror” by global players. Numerous instances of double-gaming by regional players like release of Hafiz Sayed and creating political space for him by Pakistan, to use terrorists to their advantage, undermines global war against terror. Selective support to terror groups to achieve immediate gains, and proxy war are other examples irresponsible actions in this regard, which need to be condemned. If we do not synergise this war against terror, the life of every global citizen is at stake, and the cancer is irreversible.

General Asthana


(The comments are of the author and do not represent views of any organization.The author is reachable on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ as Shashi Asthana, also on website http://www.asthanawrites.org and USI website http://www.usiofindia.org )


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