Doklam Plateau Stand-off: Unconditional Talks better than Psychological Warfare


Sharing with friends my comments on Editorial of Global Times titled “Military conflicts to escalate if India refuses to withdraw troops”dated 21July.
The script of this editorial with the threatening language used, seems to have been written by someone, who believes that Psychological warfare alone can resolve stand-off without fighting or negotiations by creating fear psychosis through media/ war of words, as per teachings of Sun Tzu (Winning without fighting). Unfortunately the assumptions made in the paper are far away from reality, because Indians have also studied this great strategist, along with Kautilya.
Although I have a counter-answers for every single line mentioned in editorial, but sufficient to say that India is unlikely to be deterred by such threats. A professional, operationally experienced military like that of India would not only be aware of all moves, capabilities and commitments of military of a threatening country, but must have war-gamed all contingencies. Professionals easily understand that with no hope of worthwhile military gains, it’s a face saving compulsion of the threatening power or war monger,to use such language or phrases, hoping that India will blink first. India has the capability to defend its sovereignty itself.
Cross reference of 1962, is too old a story, in light of 1967, and 1979.The recent story is that despite China’s threat that India will get isolated if it does not attend OBOR Summit, India boycotted it, and it continues to be friend of all countries.Although some neighbors may be finding difficult to find friends and joining hands with terror sponsors.
There is a need to move away from rhetoric, understand the reality, and start unconditional talks, because with prolonged standoff, who has higher stakes to loose is not difficult to assess, because such editorial clearly shows who is more rattled,inconvenient and loosing face .



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