Can President Tsai Ing -wen Rejuvinate Taiwan with Better Global Identity?

president oath

President Tsai Ing- wen has a very tough task ahead to ensure to reform and rejuvenate the economy of Taiwan, maintain their autonomy, without becoming Chinese puppet, and address existing social concerns on priority. She needs to diversify her economic engagements with countries like India, instead of putting all eggs in the basket of China, thereby restricting their strategic choices. She needs to protect their democracy, the freedom of her people, without upping the ante with China to endanger the security of Taiwan. She also needs to carve out more strategic and economic space for Taiwan amid Big Power play in Asia-Pacific. She has to engage with China and US to work out a reasonable ‘Peaceful stability framework’ without crossing their red line and not coming under pressure to let them cross hers. This would need a step by step pragmatic and practical approach beyond the rhetoric of elections.

May I invite all my friends to have a look at my full article published in USI Journal April – June Issue, Pages 176-186, analysing this issue in detail. This journal, published by USI of India, has a unique history of uninterrupted publication of over 165 years, and publishes articles on strategic and defence subjects.

General Asthana

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