Why North Korean Nuclear Misadventure and Kashmir fascination of Pakistan makes sense to them.


          Washington Post in its article “These 5 things help make sense of North Korea’s nuclear tests and missile launch” has brought out  five basic reasons, as possible logic for nuclear misadventure by repeated nuclear tests in Southeast Asia. Basically it all amounts to Kim Jong Un trying to retain unhindered autocratic use power, and demonstrating his strength to his countrymen, keeping his ‘Nuclear program’, and ‘Hate America tag’  as a rallying point for his leadership, generating faith in him, and generating spirit of nationalism and anti-American sentiments.

  I wish to draw a similarity of this model towards Pakistan Army’s logic to continue to be the strongest power-center using Kashmir Issue as a rallying point, and perceived Indian threat, as a logic for holding the reins of power, even if a notional democratic Civil Government is in place. The number of military coups in Pakistan bear a testimony to that. In Pakistan every political party has to tow the line of the Army to have Kashmir as an agenda, and use it as a rallying point to muster votes and support, besides remaining in good books of the Pakistan Army. Today neither US nor China can even think of putting pressure on Pakistan to move  away from this narrative, as they know it fully well that it will not work.

       The agenda of Kashmir is being misused to generate the spirit of perceived nationalism, and arouse anti-India sentiments, even if it amounts to misadventures like proxy war, helping terrorists, creating stockpile of tactical nuclear weapons, continued missile tests, and having an ambition of having the largest nuclear arsenal in South Asia. Despite such similarity in these models of North Korea and Pakistan, it is surprising that the whole world rightly criticises North Korea, but not many eyebrows are raised on aiding Pakistan, although the risk of tactical nuclear/dirty bomb sneaking to militants are much more from Pakistan. Apparently  its geographical location, strategic importance, usability and amenability to major powers helps in overlooking a grave eminent danger of militancy.


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