In 2019, I would expect a simpler version of DPP, which makes procurement possible-Maj Gen SB Asthana, in BW DEFENCE

Sharing my interview published by Business World (Defence) on 15 January 2019 regarding Defence procurements, DPP, self reliance, Make in India, Defence Budget, Capacity building, force restructuring and related issues for 2019 and beyond. It is also available in printed Journal of the same month. The URL is given below:-



(The views expressed are personal views of the Major General S B Asthana conveyed to Mr Manish Jha, Editor BW DEFENCE, and do not represent views of any organisation). Major General S B Asthana can be reached as Shashi Asthana on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, asthana_shashi on Twitter and S B Asthana on Youtube. website

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