Maldives crisis – options for India: My opinion on WION News updated


Sharing my opinion published in WION News duly updated. An analysis about Indian options in WION News.—options-for-india-163715

Its significant in context of  forthcoming elections scheduled on 23 September 2018. As of now a hectic campaigning is on between President Yameen and Ibu, and postponement seems unlikely. The chances of unprecedented rigging cannot be ruled out, as the recent past of Maldives is marred by many unprecedented events. Maldives continues to be a matter of Security interest to India, due to proximity of the archipelago to its western coast and Indian strategic stakes there. The Chinese desire of land grab (Through debt trap diplomacy), support to dictatorial democracy under Yameen, and the other possibilities of radicalisation in the Maldives archipelago are also a lookout signal for world community, as a sizeable trade from Gulf to Pacific through Indian Ocean passes through eight degree channel between Maldives and India.

I am also sharing my author’s profile on WION News below and I invite you to read my earlier opinions published on WION News.


(The views are of the author and do not represent views of any organization. The author can be reached as Shashi Asthana on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ and on website

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