Jammu & Kashmir proceeds FIR against Army Officer in SC, despite Governor Rule

It is strange to find that the state of Jammu and Kashmir continues to proceed with the case of FIR against the Army Officer over Shopian case, despite Governor’s rule,  Armed Forces Special Powers Act in place, and no sanction to proceed from Central Government. His convoy fired on attacking stone pelters on 06 March 2018, in self defence, in an incident which resulted in three stone pelters/civilians dead. The Supreme Court has posted the case for further hearing on 30 July 2018.

The incident and proceedings will continue to take legal course, but to tackle the menace of  terrorism, are we not proving to be a soft state? Are we actually acting in National Security Interest? Are the states, the legal community and human right activist conscious of  their responsibility towards National Interest? Isn’t a soldier entitled to his self defence? Can anyone else other than the commander on the spot, in counter terror operations really judge as to how much force is adequate or otherwise?

Sharing some of my views in the long debate, where I participated immediately after the incident.  Just a three minutes video from the discussion.

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