North Korean’s logic for its actions: Ambassador speaks


I must compliment WION team for such an exhaustive interview of North Korea’s ambassador Kye Chun Yong, which brings out the North Korean point of view, which is not commonly known to the world. While North Korea has its own security concerns and reasons for doing what it is doing in terms of nuclear/missile tests, and justifies it, as a defensive measures against US threat of their regime changes efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries not following its dictate. The threat from US regional allies has also been given as an excuse. The Korean war is also an unforgettable historical event when US might was used against them.
While the ambassador has expressed their willingness to talk to US, but without preconditions, it will have to be seen how US will respond. He also indicated their willingness for being open to the idea of moratorium and talking about it. It becomes significant because US despite putting stakes on China to resolve this problem by imposing sanctions as cleared by UN, in exchange of certain trade concessions, has not been able to rein North Korea, and their missile tests have not stopped. As of now the Trump administration continues to struggle for a viable diplomatic solution.
China on the other hand seem to be in most happy situation in extracting maximum concessions from US and yet having a front-line state against US and allies ensuring that it does not land up in a situation of of having a land border with them (The main reason why China entered historic Korean War). This also raises suspicion on Chinese promise of executing the sanctions announced by them.
The most interesting part was his mention of supporting India’s entry into UNSC,(a stance which is quite different than their closest ally China), giving historical reasons of India’s position as leader of erstwhile third world countries. Notwithstanding the above India will continue to remain skeptical of their nuclear and missile development programs because of the tag of their alleged proliferation to Pakistan in past. The possibility of such upgraded dangerous technology reaching our neighborhood will continue to remain a cause of suspicion. If media is to be believed, then some of the alleged brutal actions and irresponsible activities of North Korea as well as Pakistan can never be appreciated, like the case of teen student in North Korea and Kulbhushan Yadav in Pakistan, to name a few.

Gen Asthana

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