Chinese efforts to stabilise Afghanistan, after Russia and US burning their fingers.



After Russia and US had their uncomfortable stint in Afghanistan in ” Trying to Stabilise Afghanistan” for their own reasons, It is now China’s initiative to try it out, to address some of her concerns like avoiding safe heavens for Uygur, IS militants plotting actions in China, besides economic interests like CPEC, comes out quite clearly in the link below.

What was missed out in earlier two not so successful attempts earlier, and seems to being  overlooked now as well is ‘Tightening the control’ over terror machinery and support from Pakistan, the epicenter of terrorism, hosting largest number of  terror groups in the world. The idea of helping one terror group and fighting other ( Good and Bad Terrorist) is a historically proven failed idea,which has eventually worked against the sponsors. The idea of fighting and condemning TTP attacks on innocent people is well appreciated, but at the same time talking power sharing with other Taliban, having similar originality, is marred with uncertainty for lasting peace.

With Pakistan having substantial conflicting interests with Afghanistan, reining them may not be that simple, after all the country has played host to Taliban for quite some time now, A Q Khan is still Pakistan’s national hero, and they have been excused of all actions, despite Osama Bin Laden was found there. It still needs to be seen whether China’s visible actions of appeasing Pakistan and terrorist groups prove to be beneficial to them in the long run or otherwise.

Let us hope that big powers look beyond their own interests and actual needs of Afghanistan and this region, and we see an everlasting peace in this region.

General Asthana



China boosts security role in Afghanistan to counter growing terrorism threat

China boosts security role in Afghanistan to counter growing terrorism threat







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