President Xi Jinping to US: Takeaways

The power-play and strategic competition between big powers,shows the diplomatic acumen of two world leaders and two powerful countries in managing their foreign relations, despite wide differences on major issues, adverse strategic posturing in Asia-Pacific Region, especially South China Sea (SCS), Korean Peninsula, and East China Sea. US and China have mastered the art of going ahead with economic engagements and other areas of common interest, despite adverse strategic stances, and serious disagreements on many issues, like China’s growing economic engagement  with Japan, Taiwan, and ASEAN, despite some of them having contradictory claims in SCS and ECS with them.

The real test of their announcement of  common understanding on North Korean ongoing nuclearisation and UN sanctions will be seen in near future, by China’s actions to close their economic tap for North Korea and loose a trusted ally or keep it open covertly, under cover of diplomatic niceties and use North Korea as front-line state against South Korea/US, when the need arises. China in any case needs more friends in Asia, if she has to remain in strategic competition in Asia-Pacific Region, in light of various US alliances, strategic partnerships, and trade pacts.

Both the countries are firm on their strategic positions in SCS, however both know the strategic red-lines of each other, and know how to balance the power equation to get the best of any region, Pakistan being a case in point, being used by both towards their strategic advantage.


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