Looking beyond US-Taliban Peace Deal in Afghanistan

The fact that despite UN Security Council backing the US-Taliban Peace Deal, the US Deputy Permanent Mission in UN acknowledged that the ongoing violence is not conducive to peace process last week. The New York Times had put up a positive headlines to say that the decision to release the prisoners by Afghan Government could help … Continue reading Looking beyond US-Taliban Peace Deal in Afghanistan

Baghdadi Dead : How it impacts Terrorism in West and South Asia?

  Sharing with friends the content of my article published in Modern Diplomacy (EU), Indian Defence Review, WION News, many newspapers, journals and web portals in different forms and as a news feed from IANS and other agencies. Some of the URLs are as under:- https://moderndiplomacy.eu/2019/11/09/baghdadi-dead-what-it-means-for-terrorism-in-west-and-south-asia/ http://www.indiandefencereview.com/news/baghdadi-dead-what-it-means-for-terrorism-in-west-and-south-asia/ https://www.wionews.com/opinions/what-baghdadis-death-means-for-south-asia-and-future-of-islamic-state-260832 https://www.newsgram.com/what-does-the-death-of-baghdadi-means-for-terrorism-in-asia/ https://www.outlookindia.com/newsscroll/baghdadi-dead--what-it-means-for-terrorism-in-west-and-south-asia-comment/1659012 https://indiatribune.com/baghdadi-dead-what-it-means-for-terrorism-in-west-and-south-asiaby-major-general-s-b-asthana/ https://newsd.in/baghdadi-dead-what-it-means-for-terrorism-in-west-and-south-asia-comment/ Baghdadi Dead : … Continue reading Baghdadi Dead : How it impacts Terrorism in West and South Asia?

Terror enters Mosque of Egypt

Sharing the Washington Post article and my comments with friends dated 24 November 2017. Comments With shrinking caliphate/concentrated locations of militants by some hard actions, it is expected that sporadic militant attacks and lone wolf attacks at unexpected locations killing innocent people will rise. This episode adequately described in the article, claiming more than two hundred innocent … Continue reading Terror enters Mosque of Egypt

China’s experiment with Terrorism

        Pakistan has deployed 15,000-strong force for Chinese security, yet kidnapping of two Chinese workers is a cause of concern to them. If the trend continues ( which is quite possible because Taliban despite being nurtured by Pakistan, its faction TTP is targeting Pakistan Army, and ISIS is making inroads there) then its reasonable to … Continue reading China’s experiment with Terrorism

Islamic State blast in Pakistan kills at least 73

IS attack on innocent people in Pakistan. Sharing my comments,  published in Washington Post on  February 16, 2017 on the news item "Islamic State blast at famed Sufi shrine in Pakistan kills at least 73" Click for URL I convey my sympathies to all the innocent people, who have been killed in this barbaric act, … Continue reading Islamic State blast in Pakistan kills at least 73