Video Analysis and Presentations – Major General S B Asthana (Veteran)

Changing Global Equations due to COVID-19 and Shifting Global Order

Sharing a video of mine on WION News on the subject. (5 minute video watch).The beginning of 2020 brought a wild card entry into global strategic equations in the form of Novel Coronavirus, with Wuhan being the initial epicentre in December 2019. China declaring victory (may be prematurely) over the pandemic by lifting restrictions put in place during lockdowns and boosting a ‘COVID-19 Economy’ by cheekily calling it ‘Health Silk Route’.

The last week of March 2020 saw the epicentres of COVID19 shifting westwards with US, Europe and UK emerging to be worst affected, entering stage three of the pandemic cycle and China posing itself to be the good Samaritan volunteering to help the world to combat the pandemic. Rest of the world continues to be engaged in protecting its citizens in their critical phase of their pandemic cycle, rightly looking at saving its citizens with every possible means as first priority, even if it amounts to taking Chinese help, leaving out the blame game for later occasion. Changing Global Strategic Equations due to COVID19 are shifting Global Order, which need not necessarily be China centric. 

Armed Forces’ Perspective on Strike & Surveillance Drones – Major General S B Asthana (Talk at SWI)

Sharing my presentation on #Strike and #Surveillance hashtag#Drones delivered at Security Watch India #SWI to Security and drone professionals, industries related with it, #military and #police officers. I have taken the opportunity to challenge the #indigenous #industry to produce what #IndianSecurity forces need. The data displayed is from open sources. The data used is from open sources(10 minute talk) #SBAsthana #USIofIndia #MOD #Adgpi #SecurityWatchIndia

Coronavirus impact – strategic competition and beyond

Sharing my video analysis on aired by WION News (Watch 5 min video) on Strategic Situation in Indo-Pacific Region as the world combats Novel Coronavirus. It covers US -China strategic competition, South China Sea North Korea Elephant Walk by US . Situation in Taiwan, Japan,  Vietnam, Philippines and reported Nuclear Test by China.

Video Opinion: Maintaining stability in West Asia

Sharing my video analysis on aired by WION News , ZEE 5 Channel (Watch 5 min video) on Strategic Situation in West Asia (Middle East). Concerned parties are looking at their respective national interests, and thus, the situation in West Asia is turning from bad to worse. (29 October 19) Watch it.

Video Analysis Af-Pak Region

Sharing a short video analysis of mine (7 min watch) aired by #WION News channel, on the impact of coronavirus pandemic on the #AfPak region. This video, is the first one of the series covering the current strategic situation in the Afghanistan. #SBAsthana  #WIONEWS

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